Porsche 911 Hire (997 Turbo Cab)

Porsche AG announced on May 7, 2007 that the 911 Turbo Cabriolet would go on sale in September 2007. The Porsche 997 Turbo Cabriolet is one of the fastest convertible sports cars in production. It is capable of similar top speeds and acceleration to the standard Porsche 997 Turbo Coupe. This is considered an astonishing feat because usually the convertible version of cars are much slower than the hardtop variant due to its slightly less stable aerodynamicsassociated with its soft roof.


Our verdict:
It is sensationally rapid, and awareness of this is only increased by taking away the roof that would normally be between you and the blurring countryside. Certainly gives any Supercar a run for its money! One of our bestsellers and for obvious reasons!


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